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Stuck on your own game ? The game putting you down ? Dizzy on never winning the game ? Never heard those words again ... this site, today, will rise you up again! Just maneuver around the page to find out what you need and what you really want Click to download, unzip the files, and ... use it for glory !

Cheat Tools
Game Wizard 32 Manipulating the data inside the game, easy and simple to use, user-friendly screen, and no programming skill required
Demon Hacker v1.0 A great cheat utility that edit your saved games. The data file is editable, which you can add your new cheat whenever you want!
Hex Editor You need this to hack your game data !!!
Cheat Machine v2.0 Contains lots of cheat and codes for hundreds of games.
Game Hack v1.01 Game Editors Pack for Win95
GameTool v3.23 A tools to hack the data inside the game, so you can crack the game. Needs Assembly programming skill
Game Busters v6.0 A text file which contains lots of cheat for several games
Cheat Sheets Games Mag. 44 A Games-Cheat magazine which allowed you to publish your cheat and to view others' cheat
Neverlock Spring '95 Unlocks hundreds of new games and classic games
The Patcher v6.5 Unlocks hundreds of new games and classic games
PC Format's Hints & Tips Guide Cheats for 267 games
Cheat v2.60 Contains lots of cheat and codes for hundreds of games
Unlimited Cheats v3.0b A Cheat tool that contains some cheat for specified games
Game Hack v1.00 It's a cheat-tool for your games. Contains lots of cheat, and editable data file. It hacks your saved game, and creating a backup file first.
Save game editing utility It's a useful utility to edit your save games
Cracker Mate v2.10 Tool that help you crack within' the game
CROCK 2.32 A cheat and cracker program for various classic games
My Program Visit here to download my cheat tools !!
Editors And Trainers

  • AOEasy v1.0 Aces Over Europe Editor
  • ALHack v1.00 Alien Legacy saved game editor
  • ArenaEd The Elder Scrolls: Arena save game editor

  • B-Manager Utility for X-Wing v5.1
  • Balls v3.0 Epic Pinball # of balls editor
  • Betrayal At Krondor Cheat v1.00

  • Castles Editor
  • Cannon Fodder Editor v1.0
  • CCEdit v2.0 Command and Conquer editor
  • City Manager SimCity editor
  • CivEd v1.0 Civilization save game editor
  • Civilization Map Editor v2.1
  • CMSAVEDT v1.3 CyberMage save game editor
  • Command and Conquer Mission Selector v1.3
  • Command and Conquer Save Game Money Patcher v1.0
  • Command and Conquer Scenario Editor v1.0
  • Command and Conquer Red Alert Save Game Editor
  • Command and Conquer Red Alert Trainer
  • Complete Heroes Editor v1.1 Heroes Of Might And Magic Editor
  • CraftGen 16-bit v1.0: Warcraft II Random Map Generator
  • CraftGen 32-bit v2.3: Warcraft II Random Map Generator

  • Daggerfall Graphical Utilities v2.0 Revision C
  • Darklands Editor
  • Dark Forces Editor v2.0
  • Dark Forces Mission Editor
  • Dark Forces Demo Editor v1.71
  • DeHackEd v3.0a Doom exe editor
  • Descent & Descent II save game editor
  • Devil v1.02 Descent level editor
  • DFHack v1.0 Daggerfall Editor for Win95
  • DGEDIT v1.0 Deadly Games save game editor
  • Diablo Cheat v2.0
  • DOOM Music in MIDI Format
  • DOOM 2 Music in MIDI Format
  • Diablo Cheat v2.0
  • Duke Nukem 3D Decompiler/Compiler v1.1
  • Dune II Editor v2.0

  • EarthWorm Jim registry file
  • Eye Of The Beholder I Maps and Walkthrough
  • EOB3Edit Eye Of The Beholder III Editor

  • Falcon Campaign Editor v1.2
  • Fantasy General Editor for Win95 v1.0
  • Formula I Grand Prix Editor v2.1

  • Game HAKKER v1.4 Save game editor for many Apogee games
  • Garths's IN-GAME move sheet v1.2 for OMF
  • Grimoire Master of Magic editor

  • Heroes Of Might And Magic saved game editor v2.0
  • Heroes Of Might And Magic II saved game editor v3.0
  • HexWing! X-Wing Editor

  • Indianapolis 500 Editor v2.1

  • Jagged Alliance Editor v1.2
  • Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games Mercenary Profile Editor

  • Legend Of Kyrandia 2 Stage and Hotspot Editor
  • Lion King trainer
  • Lands Of Lore Save Game Editor v1.03

  • Magic Carpet 2 Interactive Trainer
  • MapEdit Wolfenstein 3D Map Editor
  • Master of Magic SaveGame Editor v1.0 Beta
  • Master Of Orion Editor v1.20
  • Master Of Orion Ship Design Editor v1.1
  • Master Of Orion 2 Money Cheat
  • MechEdit v1.0 for DOS: Mechwarrior 2 save game editor
  • MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries Money Cheater v1.0
  • MechWarrior 2 patch Lets you play the battlemode in cheat mode
  • MK3MENU Program that makes using the Mortal Kombat 3 cheats easier

  • NBA Live 97 Editor
  • NBA-ED v2.01 Game Editor for EA Sports NBA Live 95
  • NBA Live 97 Trans NBA Live 97 Player Transfer Utility
  • Need for Speed patch v1.0
  • NHL Hockey '96 Editor v1.0

  • OMFEDIT One Must Fall money cheat
  • One Must Fall: 2097 Tournament Compiler

  • Pandora Directive save games Contains save games for all ending sequences
  • Perfect General Editor v1.5
  • Panzer General Saved Game Editor v1.03
  • Panzer General Editor for Win95 v1.1
  • Prince of Persia II Save Game Editor v1.0
  • PREdit v2.1 Privateer Editor

  • RapEd v1.0 Raptor save game editor
  • RLOFTED v1.01 Ravenloft save game editor
  • Ripley's Believe it or Not! The Riddle of Master Lu, map of Sikkim Temple Maze

  • SCEASYv1.1 Strike Commander trainer
  • Scorched Earth editor v1.2
  • Secret of the Silver Blades v1.10 Character Editor
  • Settlers II savegame editor v1.0
  • SolarCht 1.00 Solar Winds save game editor
  • SWEasy v1.0 Cheat for SubWar 2050
  • Space Hulk Trainer v1.0
  • Steel Panthers Weapon Editor Utility v1.0
  • Stonekeep trainer
  • Strike Commander Editor v1.0
  • Syndicate Wars trainer

  • T_REMAP Power Subsystem v1.0 TSR that adds more shortcut keys to TIE Fighter
  • Terminal Velocity savegame editor
  • The 7th Guest Music in MIDI Format
  • TIE Fighter Mission Editor v2.0
  • TIE Mission Builder v1.21 Mission builder for TIE Fighter
  • TIE Pilot Editor
  • TIE Fighter mission editor
  • Tomb Raider save games at each level
  • Tomb Raider trainer

  • Ultimate v1.5 Character editor for OMF
  • Ultima 7 Scenario Editor

  • Wacky Wheels Music in MIDI Format
  • Warcraft Saved Game Editor v1.1
  • Warcraft Music in MIDI Format
  • Warcraft 2 Saved Game Editor v1.0
  • Warcraft 2 Music in MIDI Format
  • Warcraft 2 trainer

  • X_REMAP Power Subsystem v1.33 TSR that adds more shortcut keys to X-Wing
  • X-COM Utils v5.2 Utility for both X-COM games
  • X-COM II Saved Game editor v1.4
  • X-Manager Utility for X-Wing v4.0
  • X-Ship Utility for X-Wing v1.1
  • X-Wing Briefing Assembler Kit
  • X-Wing Briefing File Reader
  • X-Wing Fighter: B-Wing Trainer v1.0
  • X-Wing Mission Builder v3.02
  • X-Wing Pilot File Editor v2.1
  • X-Wing Pilot Revival System
  • X-Wing Ship Editor v5.0
  • XCD X-Wing Collectors CD Custom Mission Support TSR
  • XCOM 2 Multi Editor v0.2
  • XCOM: Terror from the Deep Editor v1.0
  • XCOMUTIL v2.4: Editor for both X-COM games
  • XEENEDIT: Editor for Might and Magic 4
  • XW-PLT v3.0: X-Wing pilot editor
  • XWEDIT v1.0: X-Wing mission and pilot editor

  • Z trainer
  • Zone 66 Cheat Program

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